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Jul. 23rd, 2013 03:31 pm
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"On behalf of Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, we are thrilled to tell you that you are in the current top 50 students who have completed the most # of courses on Coursera- this is astounding and it means you are in the top 50 amongst a community of 4.1 MILLION students worldwide. Congratulations!!"

O wonder!

Jul. 21st, 2013 01:08 pm
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O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't.
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пора записываться на эвтаназию
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"America's not a country. It's just a business. Now fucking pay me."
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гаррос-евдокимов. [голово]ломка
набоков. отчаяние
nabokov. pnin
пелевин. s.n.u.f.f.
shem. the house of god
kahneman. thinking, fast and slow
толстой. анна каренина
keret. suddenly, a knock on the door
ronson. the psychopath test
barnes. a history of the world in 10 1/2 chapters
eliezer yudkowsky. three worlds collide
еськов. последний кольценосец
nabokov. look at the harlequins!
набоков. машенька
набоков. король, дама, валет
набоков. возвращение чорба
набоков. соглядатай
набоков. защита лужина
набоков. подвиг
набоков. приглашение на казнь
набоков. весна в фиальте
nabokov. the real life of sebastian knight
nabokov. bend sinister
scott patterson. dark pools
nabokov. transparent things
grimm. children's and household tales
burroughs. a princess of mars
carroll. alice’s adventures in wonderland
carroll. through the looking glass
stoker. dracula
shelley. frankenstein or the modern prometheus
hawthorne. stories
poe. stories
gilman. herland
mesquita. the predictioneer's game
bradbury. the martian chronicles
le guin. the left hand of darkness
doctorow. little brother
mitchell. cloud atlas
войнович. москва 2042
замятин. мы
falkenstein. the missing risk premium
nabokov. stories
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Anna Karenina by Tom Stoppard and Joe Wright is the coolest "russian" film.

There is no surprise here. The author of these lines deserves to do Tolstoy:

Ogarev. It was winter. With my children I make hurry home through the forest in my ... whoosh ...!
Mary. Your sledge!
Ogarev. Precisely. Then I hear wolves!
Mary. No!
Ogarev. I see the wolves coming after, coming closer... One by one I am forced to throw the children from the sledge...
Mary. What?
Ogarev. First little Ivan, then Pavel, Fyodor... Katerina, Vasilly, Elizaveta, the twins, Anna and Mikhail...

Tom Stoppard. Coast of Utopia.
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-- Значит, договорились, -- сказал он. -- Послезавтра выходим.
-- А как же, -- немедленно ответствовал Колченог. -- Сразу от меня
На поле вдруг зашумели. Завизжали женщины. Много голосов закричало
хором: "Молчун! Эй, Молчун!" Колченог встрепенулся.
-- Никак мертвяки! -- сказал он, торопливо поднимаясь. -- Давай,
Молчун, давай не сиди, посмотреть хочу.
Кандид встал, вытащил из-за пазухи скальпель и зашагал к окраине.


Nov. 7th, 2012 12:15 am
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Strange feeling of living in a divided country, which still makes the right choice.
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Miguel Gomes. Tabu - a timeless tale about time

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Course Professor University Started Completed Weeks Review
Software Engineering for SaaS

Armando Fox, David Patterson

University of California, Berkeley February, 2012April, 20125poor
Model ThinkingScott E. PageUniversity of Michigan February, 2012June, 201210outstanding, highly recommend
Game TheoryMatthew O. Jackson, Yoav ShohamStanford University March, 2012May, 20127poor
Machine LearningAndrew NgStanford University April, 2012June, 201210outstanding, highly recommend

Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1

Tim RoughgardenStanford University June, 2012August, 20126good

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

Umesh VaziraniUniversity of California, Berkeley July, 2012September, 201210poor
Algorithms, Part IRobert SedgewickPrinceton University August, 2012September, 20126good, recommend
Fantasy & Science FictionEric S. RabkinUniversity of Michigan July, 2012October, 201210outstanding, highly recommend
GamificationKevin WerbachUniversity of Pennsylvania August, 2012October, 20126good, recommend
Networked LifeMichael KearnsUniversity of Pennsylvania September, 2012October, 2012 (in progress)6good, recommend
A History of the World since 1300Jeremy Adelman Princeton University September, 2012 December, 2012 (in progress) 12good
Computing for Data AnalysisRoger D. PengJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health September, 2012October, 2012 (in progress)4good
Writing in the SciencesKristin SainaniStanford University September, 2012November, 2012 (in progress)8good, recommend
Greek and Roman MythologyPeter StruckUniversity of Pennsylvania September, 2012November, 2012 (in progress)10good
An Introduction to Operations ManagementChristian TerwieschUniversity of Pennsylvania September, 2012October, 2012 (in progress)6good, recommend
Social Network AnalysisLada AdamicUniversity of Michigan September, 2012November, 2012 (in progress)8good
Information Security and Risk Management in ContextBarbara Endicott-PopovskyUniversity of Washington September, 2012November, 2012 (in progress)10poor
CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence (edX)Dan Klein, Pieter AbbeelUniversity of California, Berkeley September, 2012November, 2012 (in progress)8poor
How to Build a Startup (ep245)Steve Blank Udacity September, 2012November, 2012 (in progress)8very good, recommend

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Судя по всему, начальник режима пытается сохранить свое двуличие: выдано 10 дней найти отмазку.
Думаю, дадут полгода и выпустят, засчитав срок предварительного заключения.
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